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When it is really hot for Llamas and Alpacas?

This is a factor of both heat and humidity, as you would expect. A heat index greater than 900 is reason for taking additional precautions.

What is not well known is that the temperatures at night may be even more important. Lamas can survive rather high daytime temperatures if they have the evenings to recover. When nighttime temperatures stay in the upper eighties, this tends to have an accumulated effect and is cause to take special precautions - fans, misters, extra electrolytes and, of course, free choice Lama-Min.

Helpful Hints:

Extra Electrolytes: Mix Gatorade Powder with water to a strength of 1/4 what is recommended on the label. Be sure to mix a fresh batch each day as it spoils quickly.

Fan: A larger industrial sized fan placed in the shade can be a welcome relief on those hot summer days. With the addition of a mister in front of the fan, your lamas will be more comfortable.

Shearing: Should be your first line of defense in hot weather.